Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Secret to spanish food coloring

Annato seeds create the beautiful red/orange color in a lot of our cooking. You would follow the label and simmer it in some oil, I use olive oil. Then you drain it and are left with a red oil to be used as you wish in rice, soup, beans to season meat. It doesn't lend much flavor it is just natural coloring.

That's the whole Megillah!
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  1. Shalom Kindred Sis!! :)
    I'm so glad there is a bloggy blog world! Your blog is so inspiring & it is so sweet to connect with other sisters in Christ! :)

    Yes! We should really be pen-pals~ That'd be great.

    I looked around at your blog & we truly do have so much in common..All priase to our beautiful Lord! :)

    I love your Abba's Medicine girl site ~ so sweet.

    Love to you!


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