Monday, February 1, 2010


So dear friends, I have MIA for a while. First, for me is this terrible Seasonal Affective Disorder it's kicking my butt. I thought it was a load of you know what!!! But as usual we judge things we don't know first hand, the human plight!!! So for that last 4 weeks it has been pretty bad for me. And the last thing on my mind is blogging. LOL But I will catch you up on the happenings!! Ready???

My beloved sister bought me a film camera online. I love at first sight, I had the jones for a film camera. There is nothing like the sound and the click. Out of 3 cameras one worked. Then the iso dial broke on that one and to my dismay not worth fixing. I actually cried out of frustration. Yeah, Yeah like a baby and!!!!LOL Then I also found out that one lense has mold and another no good. That was enough. So I was able to get a used Chinon ce-5 which is doing good!!! And it came with a 6 month warranty. And so now my new baby is ready for some adventure.

Then next,

Okay so my Babe took us to see Avatar. It was a great movie and cool message. Yes, it had all other sorts of messages. But over all it was good. It was really big on connection and while my beliefs are different I agree with the idea that we are connected and we must honor that fact. Thus the idea that in everything dwells a spark and essence of HaShem and I agree.
Now, New Moon.... here's my story. I saw Twilight a while ago and like it very much!!! Yes, Yes it is very adolescent of me and much more.... Moving on. And so I wanted to see New Moon because it looked interesting and I wanted to know what happens next. In the process I thought about buying the books but couldn't bring myself to it. But the night we went to see Avatar I decided why not finally see New Moon. And so ladybug and I went. Well , what the heck was that the end left me hanging. I am a need to know person and I couldn't wait for the next movie to see what is going to happen. So I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn the next day. Spent 2 days straight reading!!! Yes, I have lost my mind!!!! What can I tell you..... Then I bought the first two books and well I can't wait for the movie Eclipse. I take full responsibility for the fact that I have fallen prey to a fad. One intended for teens. And what can I tell you. It is what it is!!!!

Then......For my bday which is coming soon Feb. 6 I will be 34!!!! Boiy oh boiy!! Anyhoo my Babe bought me a laptop.....How sweet....Now you guys know that mine crashed along with all my info...... And I never faced it!!!!! I was in utter shock literally....In all my years with this man there is nothing he hasn't given me. And it's not that "I'm an expensive chick" thing he has always spoiled me at least that's what I call it. And again he surprised me nothing but the cherry on a cake!!! Soooo... Now I can blog and do all my good stuff on my own computer , YAY. Yes, I am going to get one of those back up things!!!!

Last but not least the present day.... things are looking up now. We had a bday my son's 13... I'll post more about that latter. And then 5 htp that I am taking that has been helpful with the
S.A.D but I will post about that on my herbal blog.

soo... I look forward to sharing more........

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  1. Glad you're back!! :):)

    That's so amazing you got a camera..nice!!

    The Twilight saga is just so good :)

    & Avatar, too!!


    Will write you soon. *Hugs*


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