Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Break over!!

Hi Sweet One,

Well I had the most delightfully refreshing break. And I am ready to engage! But I want to tell you that for now I am going to be mainly posting on my website. So head on over and come chill with me. It would be an honor and delight to have you over there. Trust me you don't want to miss it!!

See ya there!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking A Break...

Hi Beautiful, You'll find my journal at my website, the banner is in the left hand corner of my blog... See ya soon!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Woes

Crack open the frozen layers
Winter's held me captive long,
The water that feeds me is frozen
I must dig deep once more,
Words dance around, but my pen is paralyzed
There is an internal war, but I am statue like outside
Soon, soon the sun will return
I will come out to meet you,
I will greet you my friend, I will regale you with my
Winter woes,
Of loses and of people unwell.
I will tell in story or picture
I will tell you no tales.
I am awaiting you o' sun
Please come soon
For winter is an ill companion
And my soul longs to bloom.

The King's Wise Woman

Saturday, February 5, 2011

35 years in the making

Tomorrow I turn 35 and as I type this from my iPad, all I can think is how awesome and faithful G-d has been. Really, I mean my biggest desire has been to live this life as authentically as possible. To get to the place my my inside is out and to me I am one so to speak. Now this comes from someone who is a recovering people pleaser, the amount of stress of a life lived like that I wish on no one.

But here I am and while the beginning of 2011 was entered a little roughly it has been redeemed. This life I live richly, with a husband who is thoroughly himself and I love him for that! Okay sometimes we crash, but it's all good and we learn from it. But till this day I am in love with him and he makes me laugh. We are truly two solitudes sharing a world of love. And the awesome blessing I have, the privilege of being the mother of two awesome teens. Teens, holey Toledo I am the mother of two awesome people. I am blessed with a lovely home. This place that sustains New York loudness is my nest, my domain. I am honored and although in the everyday of this extraordinary life I sometimes forget how precious it is a.k.a take it for granted- I Take these moments to take it all in.

35 years later and many discipline books later I still wake up late or rather on time for me, I sometimes curse, I get blue in the winter. I am passionate about G-d, family, justice, respect, covenant, herbs, in powering. I also have the potential still to get angry enough to kick *** and have the wisdom to know when it doesn't seem like the best option.

I am blessed with the knowledge that this beautiful life is full of treasures and I am discovering on the way. My heart still get's broken and I cry at suffering, I still sometimes have expectations though that has always cost me. I still wear my heart on my sleeve and honestly think it's an act of G-d that my heart remains open.

This is me in all my complexity I have learned a lot and yet know nothing at all. I am always changing and yet still the same. It is my honor to live this life and know the people I know even those that are my enemies, they inspire me to keep it real and give others chances even when I don't want to. I have also learned to say enough! This is big for me as far as not letting anger eat me alive and kindly cutting off that which is not life giving in my life and home.

So 35 here I come with HaShem's help and wisdom to live it with gusto, open and full of laughter,freedom and beauty. Respecting and honoring myself, keeping my words to myself and enjoying the ride with my beautiful family.

Thank you for sharing with me on this blog, it is a privilege and honor truly. May HaShem bless you and grant you long life.

The King's Wise Woman

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feeling, Respecting,Making Space

Sensing direction and learning to make space is not the easiest thing in the world. This past week I have pondered where I am at. I have thought deeply about what is going on in my life. I have thought about this moment,right now. 
I have been working on my website, my coaching business, etc, etc. In addition that this new year has brought many internal challenges. Challenges that have gifts within to be discovered,yet.
I am okay with that. Really. But I am going to slow it down a bit. I want to give myself time to live. To live it. All that I have ingested, all that I am learning. I must respect that. I am learning what that looks like.


I now remember well that the dark months are extra difficult for me. I am learning to honor that. Certainly it is a time to keep it simple and light. 
Dear reader I know this sounds random and out there, but it's been heavy on my heart.
What do you want of this season? 
Where are you really at?

Learning to respect what's on your table, the things on your plate, is an important step to being present in this moment!
I invite you to think about, the words "This Moment" rang in my head this week like a church bell reminding me of what I really want to do and how I want to live my life.

Watsup with it? What's happening around you? Is G-d whispering something to you but the noise drowns it out?

Let's step back together, let's get silent. No matter how long it takes be in this moment.


The King's Wise Woman

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spaces Unknown

Fuzzy un-focused view
Building layers
Absence of color
Ribbons of words
Like rain on a window
In the middle of a storm
The shades and colors
Spaces Unknown
Sitting in dead space
G-d is here you know!
Everything has an end and beginning
A cycle, A circle
This is LIFE
No other moment
No other nectar
Harvest in the season
Even if it's in the dead of winter.
By angelique

Monday, January 24, 2011

Back Home from C.H.A.N.A

Well I am back home from C.H.A.N.A I had such a great time. It was great to be in a room full of women herbalist/Midwives WOW! We laughed and learned, laughed and learned. 

I must say though that having been my first time being away from my family for 5 days, it was alot for me. lol I missed them so much. And those connecting planes are not meant for voluptuous people nope I am sure of it, lol.

Alot of things were put into perspective as far as my herbal course it was wonderful. I have walked away with a renewed spirit for learning and taking herbal education into my community.

At this point though I feel tired, exhausted right now. It was alot of traveling for me. I look forward to going again and even further possibly going to CMI. I am excited about that as birthing is something I want in my tool belt. Having already assisted 2 births, I look forward to doing many more.

As I write my account it lacks luster due to my exhaustion! But as tidbits come to me I will post them. 

I hope all are well and look forward to detailing my experience at the herbal conference.

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