Monday, January 24, 2011

Back Home from C.H.A.N.A

Well I am back home from C.H.A.N.A I had such a great time. It was great to be in a room full of women herbalist/Midwives WOW! We laughed and learned, laughed and learned. 

I must say though that having been my first time being away from my family for 5 days, it was alot for me. lol I missed them so much. And those connecting planes are not meant for voluptuous people nope I am sure of it, lol.

Alot of things were put into perspective as far as my herbal course it was wonderful. I have walked away with a renewed spirit for learning and taking herbal education into my community.

At this point though I feel tired, exhausted right now. It was alot of traveling for me. I look forward to going again and even further possibly going to CMI. I am excited about that as birthing is something I want in my tool belt. Having already assisted 2 births, I look forward to doing many more.

As I write my account it lacks luster due to my exhaustion! But as tidbits come to me I will post them. 

I hope all are well and look forward to detailing my experience at the herbal conference.


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