Monday, December 20, 2010

Saggy Pantyhose+Thoughts on Momprenuership=Business

This week I was down with the flu, it was a nasty one! I am thankful for my herbal teas they were an immense help. But toward the middle end of the week I got to thinking about business, about words and the direction I am going in. My thoughts were along the line of intention, authentic, baloney free livin, business and being. And for some reason or another stockings popped up into my mind. When I was a girl I discovered a small thin box in some family members home, not sure if it was my aunt or grandmother. When I opened the box there lie the most beautiful stockings I had ever seen, they were the ones you use with a garter belt. They had that crease in the back, they were fabulous. But there was a catch to the beauty, you need to pray they fit! Otherwise they will sag and look like skin that's too much. 

What does this have to do with business you ask, well branding, websites, blogs etc. need to fit just right! Like a glove, like pantyhose your size, so that you don't sag. Words must be your own, vision your own. Take your time, let it simmer and process. Let your form come to you.

Why are you doing what your doing? For whom? Who is this client you want to minister to? Slow, easy and like the right size stocking in no time you will find your fit. This weekend I re-read alot of my journals searching for my core, searching for my why? Searching for the vision, I am not done but am finding treasures amidst the sea of writing. 

For me it really all goes back to one place, G-D

When I look, it's written on the page, in between the page, it is my driving passion. It is from this place that all comes from and I personally can't function outside of it. I love teaching, mentoring and taking people to the next level G-d has intended for them. I love lighting the way for others. This passion stems from a deep personal relationship and view of G-d as a loving eternal being. And it is this LOVE that I LIVE to remind women of when life can seem it's hardest. This is the home I go to when I descend deep within myself, for there I find G-d, dwelling in me. 

So as I continue to surf this wave, to go deeper and understand better, to reformulate. I invite you to do the same, what is your passion, where does it come from?

What is the vision? What is your mission?

Form your business with this, there is no other way if  you wanna make it.

You have to have passion, purpose beyond the dollars.

It must be founded on real authentic stuff, if not we become another voice, slogan=noise.

For me, I am going to continue to make some changes, to adjust, to focus and funnel. 

In English, spiff up blog, work on website, toss the stuff that sounds like crap and doesn't fit!!

Let me know what you think? How is it going for you?

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