Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Death, The Flu and The Gifts

This weekend or Friday my grandmother died she was 88 yrs. old. When I was a child she was according to my memory a life line for me. She was all nurture and love, as I remember it. As an adult she lived a long distance from me so I did not know her as an adult.What I have stored in me is the grandmother of my childhood. As I ponder on her sudden death and my acceptance of things as they are I realize that it is okay to allow people to be a gift for a season.

Sometimes we have this necessity to bash, stay angry and many other emotions of pain. When things don't work out the way we want them to. I would have loved to have in my adult years that grandmothery relationship, but it was not so.
When I think on her I receive the gift she was in my childhood.I am thankful that what I knew then got me through plenty.

I am down right now with the flu or a cold and as I cancel appointments and engagements I receive the gift of this time also. I have been super busy and engaged in my work and as one would know the time for stepping back would come. And that is when this blasted cold hit me. Forcing me to rest and recuperate. A gift of this season, of this moment.
I don't want to fight changes and challenges anymore. I want to find the gift in each. I like this idea of their being something for me even in challenge. It is in these places I most see the hand of G-d in my life. 

There is much more that has happened, but at this point I have put forth this offering.
That you would find the gift in whatever is going on right now!

If there is turmoil, What must you learn? What must you let go of? Do you need to release expectations and control? Do you need to allow what is, to just be? What is the gift for you now? Is it time to rest? To do inventory?

I invite you to share, or not but take a moment to ponder, what is the gift for you in this season?
With deep love 

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