Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Are Sista's

We are Sista's!!! I am amazed sometimes at how afraid we are of the other. And I want to start by saying yes, there are some sista's out there that can hurt you hard. Some will shatter your trust and leave you hurtin. But that is not the case all the time. I have spent alot of time in my own shell longing for connection but always thinkin that it was not meant for me. I mean I really never had a best friend, I moved around too much and my life was complicated. I grew up with the idea that you can't trust anyone and especially another woman. It is amazing what hurt people do with their pain. And trust me I understand. But I can't begin to express how valuable support and connection with my sista's has become for me. Maybe my age or season in life, whatever it is I want to be and have connection with those who are game.

It's time to shed the armor, time to be real girls! We are hurting each other and the generations to come. Our daughters need support and connection it is important. Yes, we should first have it at home and enjoy our familial bliss. But equally we should be there for each other. The pic above I named transparent woman, because it time to be real. Time to take the mask off. That was hard for me, I mean I am a straight forward person but I was always concerned about what you thought of me. Am I G-dly enough, spiritual enough, proper enough, are my children perfect enough, are they little bright lights of the Father!!! Is my house clean, do I look like I have it all together???? Why do we do this to each other???? Why do we hold expectations for others we are selves can't hang with. I am just not into that anymore, I am not. Listen I will be the first to let you know that sometimes my house smell like dog and even dog piss!!! Don't get me wrong my sense of smell is crazy, I can smell stuff a mile away!!! LOL This is a quality my family is not fond of!!!

Sometimes my laundry is not done and is piled. I hate that!! I enjoy a neat and organized home, I mean love organization but unfortunately I am one of those creative, possibly clutter people. Is it because I don't have clean skills nooooo, but when I was a kid I lost so much do to divorce and moving that things even the small stuff has value. Why am I so concerned about what you think of my bad day or days. Wouldn't you my sista be the first to understand??? I mean really. So now at this point in my life I am not out to impress I am out to be. I am into understanding and that is not devoid of change or improvement.

Sis, I want to give you , the many of you my gift of sisterhood. I want to give you my imperfect self and crazy self. Just as I am. You see Abba loves me here and where I am going. I want to love you my sista's here and to where you are going. Who are you when no one is looking because that is who I want to meet!!! You see we like the story of the woman caught in adultery and Yeshua's love toward her but how would you be???? Would you draw close because you want to hand her a tract and only love her possibility?? What about accepting her where she is at??? What about her complicated journey to understanding what got her to that place??? Can you hang Sista??? We need to be real with each other and raw, we need to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. We have a generation coming after us who is living on the surface and we are contributing to that evil. Even for our own posterity we must step upto the plate. Does it make us less G-dly?? No, man, it is in truth that he is glorified, I mean once you admit you need help then he can help!!!

I have spent so much time being self righteous and arrogant, I didn't notice the hurting people around me. I didn't notice I was hurting. But here I am now willing to let faulty crazy people like myself in. Will you hurt me maybe, we will just need to talk about it. For example if you start busting on my wheat biscuits which are a bit tough, I just might take that personally!!! Hahahahahaha! No really can we unite?? I mean can we come clean and come together??? Can we love?? For real??? We are all unique and different and that is okay. Some of us may need help only a professional can give and some of us just need good friends. Some of us keep a tight ship, some of us don't!! Empathy sprinkled can go along way.

What am I trying to say?? imagine never having down time, time to unwind but going at it 24/7 with no rest, break, nothing. What would that be like??? Exactly, that is how it is when we perform and expect others to do the same. It is exhausting and not realistic!!! Because the truth is when no one is looking you change into comfy pj's and do what you do that makes you feel comfortable. It is a crazy world out there and I have seen sista's tear each other up!!! And I have done some of the "ooooh, we don't do that" "I don't know how she can _____" . Yea, you may not but don't judge!!!

Here is a list of stuff we have gone to the ring for: Among believer's

-who is more modest, who is not
-she cover's her head, she doesn't
-skirt vs. pants- ( this is my own personal craziness)
-homeschool or not, unschool, curriculum
-homemade bread and everything from scratch or NOT
-little house in the praireness or modern
-tv or not
-video games or not
-what bible she uses, bible study she goes to etc.

I mean the list that divides can be large and long, I am not interested in what divides us but what unites us. I think as adults we can respect each other and our personal differences and preferences. There are bigger fish to fry!!

Will you join me??? Would you choose to be real with your sista's related or not? Will you spread the word, share the struggle and unmask the loneliness and isolation that our adversary would love for us to stay!!!!

If so grab this button and blog about your experiences as a sista and your own challenges as a wife, friend, mom , homekeeper where ever you are at. Keep it real!!! And leave a link in my comment section so that I can compile us together. And maybe just maybe other sista's will be encouraged to share with each other and support each other fo real!! We are all in the heat and then after a time we shall come out like gold!!!!! Purified!!!!!

P.S. Call your mom, your daughters,your sista's, your sista's in loves and share the love of Abba, they have been waiting for us to come off our pedatools. No more competition, only sharing the love.

Oh, and if you are blessed to have personal convictions about things, HALLELUYAH!!!!! There are your sweetest treasure and they are personal!!!! YOURS!!! No need to shun another for it.

I hope you dig what I am saying, I mean I know it is not just me realizing and noticing!!! I am I making sense????

So that is the whole Megillah!!

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