Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So tonight begins the Festival of Lights=Hanukkah and my thoughts are on being LIGHT. One of the first things to cross my mind as I declare I WILL BE LIGHT is the days where I am like a thunder storm or hailOkay strike the hail part. 

But really, with all the talk of joy, bliss, , positive thinking, etc. There are days when we don't feel into it or upto it.
 Actually some days the temptation to just chill back and do nothing is overwhelming.

So what the tar am I talking about? I am talking about being the difference and making a difference. I am talking about prayer that has feet. I am talking about stepping outside of our zone to BE LIGHT.

I have cried out of frustration and hurt over things I have seen around me. Not just third world countries, but right here. 
I have seen among groups of people discrimination, arrogance and pride. I have seen confusion shut down beautiful souls. I have witnessed the effects of judgementalism that can be heart wrenching.

I am not foreign to pain, abuse and rejection. When I think what do I do? Were do we start? How can I make a difference? The words of this song have brought me comfort...

 I know dysfunction, pain, rejection because of crazy enviroments, I know spiritual pride and the things done in the name of it.
At the end of the day I want to know, G-D what do you want me to do? It's breaking my heart!!! 
And here comes Matis making a simple statement "I WILL BE LIGHT". I choose to be conscious everyday and be light in my home, in my neighborhood, community, worldwide web, etc.
I said LIGHT not perfect, I want to LIGHT the way, and in turn LIGHT the torches of others who are weary and tired.Who believe there is more!
I don't care where or to whom I wanna be LIGHT.
On this Hanukkah I say let's BE LIGHT! I say let's put action to our faith/belief.

How are you going to BE LIGHT?
How are you going to take the LIGHT of the ETERNAL ONE and spread it like wild fire?
Not by preaching or judging but DOING?
What is the smallest way in which you can, if your season of life doesn't allow for involvement in your community or a cause.
So these are pics of this years Hanukkiah, I love changing it up from time to time.

May this Hanukkah bring many blessings and may you be illuminated!


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  1. Wonderful post! I may not be celebrating the same holiday, but I can celebrate your idea...Be Light! In my own corner of the world, city, neighborhood and family, I want to bring light and now will look at it as 'be light'. After all the trials my family has had in the last few years, to 'be light' is just what we all need.

    How can I do that...simply...for me it would be to let my family see me smile and relax. Smile at more people on the street and around town. Be light...I love it!


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