Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system

Your right in the middle of a show for crying out loud , BAM! That annoying beep comes, you are not ready for it and there it is. 
I mean that is exactly what it's like when you are tested. I wrote a post the day before and within that same day I was tested!
It is like fire and the question is

This is a legitimate question I think. But more often than not we say or talk about things that we intend to do and or be and leave it like unfinished business in the air.  I think sometimes we can forget that our words have power and the minute you speak IT something is activated in a spiritual way.
How many words have you spoken or how many things have you said in reference to THE VISION/MISSION/DREAM?
You spoke it and like a stitch dropped in a knitting or embroidery project it matters if you don't back it up with action. ACTION IS THE POWER BEHIND THE WORDS.So my post earlier this week about the seed did not go unnoticed by Abba and or anything else for that matter.
The testing is part of the process and must happen. You must be tested, your intentions must be tested and your resolve. I have always known about the importance of my words and such. But often forget their power! In the sense that when you say something you are declaring and creating. This is serious business!!

So what am I trying to say here, I am trying to say that you will be tested and what you have declared you believe in will  be tested and that is part of the process. It can catch you off guard sometimes but you must stand resolute to believe in the seed Abba has placed in you.
It must be protected and nurtured. But equally it must be back by action and determination.
There are countless times I have not done so well in this department, I can see now that although I have spoken about the VISION I have scarcely allowed myself to believe it. And wasn't aware or maybe couldn't admit how afraid I was to believe it. Here I am years later and I know that I can no longer run and or hide from my destiny. I believe in it, I will support it and I will do what is corresponding to me and let the rest to G-d.
So when I was tested, I stood. With my tears, with my brokenness I still believe! 
I knew it was a test because when difficulty would come before I would back off and shrink with fear, If you knew me you wouldn't believe it. But it is true. I at times have been a chicken and afraid to answer the call, to follow where he would take me. I would freeze like some slow animation and my recovery would take forever. But now it is different and my recovery time is shorter. I can see more clearly and understand that I have no right to interpret the call of G-d on my life to do this or that. I am a vessel and open to whatever HE sees fit to pour through. And I will be more conscious of getting in the way of that with what I think things should look like!

So what happens now? I have been tested and have the T-Shirt to prove it. Well, I am going to make room for what I know I need to be doing. I am going to become even more focused and walk with intention. I am going to stop shrinking and acting like I don't know. Does anyone else do that?? What a sucky habit! And the truth is I will be tested again!
Because it must be like a rock and your faith must be strong. You must be able to go against the grain, you must be willing to allow others to think what they will and that their opinion of you doesn't matter.
Yeshua became of no reputation in order to due a great work you can't put any stock into what people think! Then you will be captive to that and you will try to be all that you are not created to be. Your need for approval and your addiction to fitting in, will kill out any seed! 
So what shall we do? We need to encourage each other to keep true to what we have been called to do. We create support systems and surround ourselves with those who believe and who will remind us of who we are. We get determined and stop being flighty and directionless. We face our fears and work through them. The worse thing you can do is not admit you are afraid. No one said you can't be, it's what you do with it.

So I encourage you as I have myself have been encouraged, and I allow the testing to bring forth more gold.
What say you?
If G-d be for us who can be against us?
Reminds me of kalev even after years had past he made claim to the land because he knew what was his and still had the energy and strength to fight for it. He knew who was on his side and had not forgotten his "INHERITANCE".

Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe and it maybe a long battle but you will be victorious if you hold fast and not compromise.

If by any chance you have lost your way like me, well.............
Dust it off , get back up and move on and keep pressing!

To all my warrior sista's keep the faith.   

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  1. fantastic post and so ispiring!!! especially now that i run one of my worst periods of my life!!!
    we, women, are warriors! we fight every day, we survive despite all the bad circumstances and finally we are the winners!
    thank you!


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