Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Night For Women, Drum on!

So this past Monday was an experience to remember in hopes of more coming along. It is a powerful thing when women get together but even more so when we do it intention. There where drums, enough for those inclined to play. I didn't have a drum so I borrowed one,  
There is something about sitting and allowing the rhythm to flow through you. 

 This beautiful Wise Woman lead and convened the gathering. 
What else is to happen when women gather in a circle? Dancing of course and joy but most of all connecting with the Sistahood

There is not enough of that! There was a time when these circles where the norm and women shared and danced, mourned and rejoiced. There was support, there was guidance. We sang, we prayed, we took in the moments with observant silence. There was the younger generation there also. What a privilege to see them also rejoice to see them dance. To see what could be the start of a women circle of generations.

I am inspired! I am inspired to keep to it each Rosh Chodesh with my daughter and anyone who would like to join. It is my prayer that all over women would gather to encourage, to raise their voices and to support each other.  

There is no replacement for this!!!
It is as it should be, it was at these places that women trained and encouraged other women,Where you could learn from the wisdom of the older women those who have weathered the storms, whose faith are like glaciers and whose voice is strong. 
I walked away strong, I walked away knowing that I will no longer shrink back, I will be THE KING'S WISE WOMAN. I will be bold and not minimize who I have been called to be so that another may rise. Not needful there is space for all of Abba's unique children. I walked away remembering the women of old, the MOTHER'S before me. The link to my ancestral Mother's both physical and spiritual had been broken open. No longer do I see them as weak timid vessels whose voices are like a whisper. I see women of the KING who know who they are in him, who do not shrink to appear less so that others can feel more. No these are not the stock I come from, nor the sista's in the circle.

I have longed for this, so long in waiting for the moment to find circle sista's. And here the time has come and so the Sistahood of the Drums circled and connected.

Shalom and may the month of Elul bring with all it all The King has for you.


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