Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Second Artist Date

So here is my account of my 2nd artist date. I was much more eager and ready, to prove to myself that I can do this. I can!! So I went to the same park sort of like a do over, who said you can't, right!! And so I walked the path first and hid under trees that sent the invitations, you know those trees that say "I have a secret place, will you come and see". And in there I observed the wind sway the leaves like a dance and then rest for a moment. I continued to walk and noticed the sun peeking at me through the trees and there I eyed a bench and laid my bookbag down. Then I decided to commemorate this moment, the "I am determined to be renewed and refreshed". I wrote on a piece of paper the word renewal, then grabbed a leaf and sent the word renewal into the pond. An at first just like my self it refused to float on and away. Why do we hold so tightly to control, why are we afraid to FLOW. That is my favorite word lately, FLOW isn't it great? Anyhoo, I sent it off and encouraged the leaf to release and go on. And it wasn't that there wouldn't be obstacles or threats of sinking, but that is part of the process. There were ducks and geese in the pond and a little crowd of them passed right by the floating leaf. But the leaf went on with it's message of renewal. And there is the pic of the rock, you see the ground in my life is where my hope began. He is the LOVER of my soul, our relationship has grown and changed over the years. My perceptions of him altered each time. And although complicated, complex and not a "know it all" experience I wouldn't change it. So as I go through this process which is affecting every part of my faith and life the ground remains the same. He is My ROCK!!!! Adonai Tzuri!!!! And so the reason of my rock picture. Then a proud pic of me feeling accomplished. And as I walked back there was " The Great Blue Heron" and he did not mind one bit that he was being watched by like 6 people. It didn't matter that there was a crowd he was there on business, for nourishment. Like me he needed to do what he was there to do and it didn't matter that others were watching. Encouraging I know!!!! And the last cube is the path behind me which was very near the pic of the path I took in my last date that was in front of me. I know behind and in front, sounds confusing!!!! LOL But no my first artist date caught the path in front of me that I needed to face. And now having faced it that path is behind my back. There are other journeys and paths.

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