Sunday, October 18, 2009

Le Petite Artist Club

So today I went for the first time to a little gathering of sorts in Reading Pa. At Le Petite Artist Shop, can I just say that the place is soooo cooooollllll. I want to stop by on opening hours just to browse and buy. where some cool ladies get together and alter books and exchange atc's. The drive there was funny as when you drive anywhere for the first time. But when I arrived was warmly welcomed by the ladies. And Lady Karen who was the person I contacted about the altering books, I discover is a fellow New Yorker. So that was super cool. Okay so the reason this was so big for me is because I have never been to anything at all. I mean nothing of this artsy sort. Here I thought that because I was new at this my cards were we off or something. I know , no respect for what I do!!!! LOL I am working on that. But It was great to see that my cards were like regular atc's and as I suspected anyway more experience gives you greater expression. SOOOOO, I am so glad I ventured out to meet these wonderful ladies. And take my, dare I say art out there. I hope to continue learning and expanding.

On another note I have often pondered lately about art and it's different forms. I have discovered within myself a long history with the art of writing and words. I mean I love the power words have and the way they affect us should command are respect. And to be one who uses words as art is a great responsibility to both enjoy and be mindful.

What form of Art have you had in you all along?


  1. Angelique;
    I love your banner for your blog and your signature is lovely. I am glad you found me through BAJ. You have a beautiful blog. Enjoy the Artist's Way. It is so good. I am still working through it.

  2. That sounds like such a great place. I hope you go often and enjoy the art making process...just let yourself go. :)


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