Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So there have been some changes in our relationship with learning. After several attempts to wrap my brain around this homeschooling year and unsuccessful at it I made an interesting decision. A friend of mine had called to discuss a cyber charter school I had enrolled the children in once. As we spoke a light bulb went off in my head. Why didn't I think of it? It has taken me all until now , that would be 10 years of homeschooling to understand what "TOOLS" meant. I say this because like most people or at least the ones I know are very into ideals and such!!! LOL And often enough I have been guilty of the it's not homeschool if ______ crowd. But as I eat my humble pie!!!!! I am learning that it doesn't matter what I use whether in method or curriculum they are tools. Having understood that and having respect for myself and what I know I can handle and can't, I chose to go the cyber school route for this year or until they are done. I don't know, we are giving it a try. I have come to understand the things that I really value, that we are together and that learning is occurring. Those things are what is valuable to us. So I will be busy the next couple of weeks getting adjusted and helping the kids adjust. One of the things that is becoming a heartbeat for me is the value of a family doing what is best for them. No images, no ideals, just beautiful values and living authentically. This process has been necessary for me, I have struggled greatly with many things for a long time. Only to discover that at the end of the line G-d desires ME. Not what I think it should look like. If you would have told me this a long time ago I wouldn't have believed it. Sometimes we can't hear or see where we are at. It is funny how we call ideals our worship to G-d. I have often said and heard said, "I do it because I want to please G-d" but I find that suspect because they are ideals. And frankly alot of it is the picture you see in your head based on experiences or preferences. Anyway sorry for the bunny trail I just wanted to share my journey.

I want to post about my 2nd artist date which was so much better and I took more pics. I also want to share about an Open rehearsal at the Fulton Opera House we went to. I will try to get that in sometime soon.

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