Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Woman Inspired!!

I just finished this awesome conference online free. I can't even begin to tell you how much I cried. The speakers where;

Lisa McKay, The Preacher’s Wife, with a session entitled: When God’s Will and a Woman’s Dreams Collide

Kristen Schiffman, Founder and editor of Exemplify Online, with a session entitled: No Stage, No Lights: Doing The Archippus Thing

Again although there are differences there is so much we can learn from each other. I cried , I laughed and will go back again. These were awesome ladies!

Here are some of my notes and thoughts;

As the conference was about online ministry it blessed me in many areas of what HaShem has called me to do. The purpose with which he put me here on this beautiful earth for. This thing that burns in my heart is the thing that I am meant to share from. It is the places of brokenness and pain. But it was also understood that he will guide us. When you have a desire to share something on your blog or website don't be afraid, you don't know where it will go or to whom it will be a blessing. "The smallest deed accomplished in faith is better than the grandest of intentions" was one of the topics discussed in Lisa's workshop. That blessed me as I often struggle with getting out of my head.

Kristen's workshop was also a blessing based on Colossians 4:17 which is where "Doing the Archippus thing" comes from. It was beautiful, we often forget that you are here for a purpose and the fulfilling of that purpose is important. We need to "see to it" in the areas HaShem as given us to care over.

Stored deeply in my heart are other nuggets that reminded me of the main desire of my heart. I want to be a blessing and share with others "Grace and Space". It also made me eager to be a student in learning how to further share on my blog things that I know will encourage you. I want to live my life intentionally!!!


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  1. What a great goal...to live intentionally! God will honor your desire, as you surrender to Him. You left a comment on my blog, and it look what it did-blessed me! Be encouraged and go for it!


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