Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mojo going on.....

Okay so these two pieces I did one which was for my sister in law's baby shower. I thought how cute is this sonogram pic of my niece who happened to be born two weeks Delanie Paige Rivera. Anyhoo I will post up pics. As a matter of fact I think I will do a collage of all my nieces and nephews.

Okay so the background I bought at the dollar store and had put a scrapbook paper but it didn't flow for me so I painted it. and then added the embellishments and used jewelry wire for the top and wala and instant gift. Not only that it's a personal one of a kind, Titi Amy gift. Yes, I am that aunt!!!

This second project was made for my niece Angelique who turned 7 this september. Yes I have several september bday's. We went to the beach this year twice and had such a blast. It's one of those memory building things. So I thought it be nice if I gave her something to remember it by. It it a flat piece of canvas, there is a name for it but it escapes me now. I painted it this delicious beachy color and embellished with glitter and scrap book stuff. I also added glitter to the sea shells we collected and glued the shell on the canvas with e-600 glue. She loved it bless her heart!!!!

I have always enjoyed making personal things no matter how hokey it is. As I continue to unleash my creativity I am better able to get what I see in my head onto whatever medium of my choosing and I have to say it feels absolutely delicious.
I hope you enjoy them and are encouraged that little by little we can DO IT!!! It is just important to get from your head to that actual testing and learning.

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