Thursday, September 17, 2009

L'Shanah Tovah, Tzom Kal, v'Chag Sameach - To a good year, an easy fast, and a joyous feast

Well I hope your Rosh HaShanah is sweet and may this year be full of blessings from on high.

I for one am determined not to set any goals for the year to come, but I have intentions that I pray with HaShem's help I will live. If you knew me you'd wonder at the miracle of me not setting goals. Don't worry I am okay !!!! LOL

-To live intentionally
-To BE and DO
-To surround us with all sorts of beauty here in the Arroyo home!!!
-Oh and to create all sorts of delicious ART!!



  1. Sometimes our goals are unrealistic b/c God has other plans for us. I think you are being wise.

  2. Thanks Jennifer, that is so true. And almost the entire story of my life.All I can see is the most hilarious picture of G-d trying to take my security blanket away so that I can enjoy the journey. And I am still holding and fighting. To the point where I am being dragged with the blanket.LOL But he is so faithful to answer our prayers and so gentle to teach us a better way. Thanks for your comment.

    Shalom Angelique


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