Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A mother's hand.....

"A mother's hand is like an Angel's touch"

My 12yr. old son said to me. He is not feeling well and in the world of delirium. When he is this sick he often asks me to pray for him and likes to be by my side. When he said that to me it was humbling. While I am a SAHM and a HSM (homeschooling Mother) I often struggle with being present with my bud's, I wish I could say that being at home and a homeschooling mom = your are available and present. But sometimes I can get my wires crossed and lose focus. But thankfully it may take me a while to notice but then I am able to turn it around. Children are the most fascinatingly resilient people I know. I am so glad about that.

I don't have glory stories of having it together and often am rough around the edges!!!! LOL I am sure that is where we can all share and be empathetic to one another. I am enjoying applying large doses of grace to my own life as a mom. "You can't give what you don't posses" I often say. When I am not obsessed about crossing my t's and doting my i's life is a much happier place. I find myself wanting to give to others that same grace. And have actually come to a place where it turns my stomach when I see others creating an atmosphere of condemnation and superiority. This world can be a sad place when we are preoccupied with looking good.

I want to be part of the solution and not the problem. When I look at the Torah, I see these individuals who over a lifetime endured loneliness, persecution, solitude and self doubt. I know that when I read Torah for comfort I am in good company. That G-d can use us mightily despite our weakness and failures (what I call learning opportunities).

Okay this might have been a rabbit trail, lol. But often when I hear people share wonderful little snippets of their lives who doesn't began to romanticize that mom's life. LOL But sometimes we hit it and sometimes we miss it. We just need to be sure we learn from it and remember to live intentionally. So Grace and Space Sista, Grace and Space.

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