Monday, August 3, 2009

A Library Visit

Okay so today my daughter and I visited the library. We have not been there for months and it was exciting to be there again. I have been buying my books so haven't had the need to go. Well to my sheer disappointment I went to look for mix media books and found none, none. Can you believe it? I just figured well I will look for those books I haven't purchased and get a peek. I wondered around anyway ;) who leaves a library with no books? Well my pile naturally was still larger than my daughters. I chose books on home decorating, filling you house with scents. And I also chose some poetry books. I will give a better list on another post and my verdict on the book. I think I am also going to put a book list on my side bar again. I love to look at others book list, you just never know what you will be introduced to. Well just thought I'd share, I am going to make myself some tea now I have a sinus headache thanks to my local library.

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