Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grace and Space

Yes, dear friends as you see I have once again changed something on my blog. I am guilty!!! I hope you like it. It is something I believe in strongly and is kinda my personal motto. It seems to be the thing I have given myself the least of over the years. In learning to receive and accept Abba's love I have learned that I need both grace and space. You can figure out the grace part, although to me it doesn't mean the absence of Torah and or rules. But the space part is what I at times have trouble with. As one who has been walking a Torah observant life the last 4 yrs. if anything you learn is that each year with HaShem's help you will do better. As feasts roll around and you go in deeper you learn, so we hope. But that is what living your life for HaShem is about , growing and learning. I have had to also apply Grace and Space to all the areas of my life. And then give it to others in the same way Abba has given it to me. It kinda let's us relax and be conscious of the moment and it's blessings. So in my continual attempt to lay myself bare in all my complexities I continue to grow and change. I hope you like my new header which my baby girl, The Author help me make and then we did my button for which she has a tutorial. It has been a blast learning to work with photo shop elements and altering pics. Now I just need a camera.

Thanks for stopping by

Angelique( yes by the way that is my actual name, revealing isn't it???LOL)

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