Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Night

Last night I cried and prayed
Last night I could feel my bones dried and frayed
last. Night
My tears overflowed
My heart broke like a bow
In the darkness of a deep blue night
I told Abba about the pain inside
How I needed him, How I longed for him.....
I wondered why the desert, why so far away
I wondered how can I repair the way?

And then he answered, I heard him speak
I have not forgotten thee!
Can a mother forget her nursing child?
Ingrained you are in my palm
from before your birth
I knew who you where
I designed you and now I need you to know that I will
fight for you
I have not left you alone
My hand alone will bring the VICTORY
So my child cling to me
If I told you all I was going to do
You would not believe me
The places I will take you
Trust in me
Because my child , Look at me
I will never fail you
All I want is for you to leap
In the arms that made you.

By Lady L.

This is my prayer-poem from this week's HafTorah portion.Isaiah 49:14-51:3


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