Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Time , It's Shavuot!!! Ready???

It is time, some stay up studying, some have their own way of remembering the event that is about to be celebrated. This year as I ponder the cycle and think about the joy the Torah has brought me and how differently I see things. As I come to the mountain so to speak I come as Ruth I come as someone who has said your people will be my people, all that I am and was is in you. The Word of FIRE is what was given on this day. It has preserved lives and continues!!! I count myself privileged to know HaShem's living Torah, Yeshua HaMashiach and as I know within my neshama (soul) that I was present on that glorious day.

Something deep and profound has happened to my life since my eyes were opened. Until the day I die it will be my treasure and the treasure of my generations. No one can take it from me. As I come again and am renewed again, I say YES !!!whatever you say we will do. I am humbled. Because it is no light matter and one not to be treated without thought, to be counted among his children.

I am very aware of the world within which I live and the challenges there are before us. And with humility and surity in him who is able I go forth. As I take this time to look at my life to look at the areas in which repair is needed and study, I rejoice in the Torah. And in that HaShem is merciful and each year we are granted an opportunity to grow and learn more. So take some time make a list and Daven (pray) that HaShem would reveal the areas needed to be surrendered to him.

As a homeschooling mom this is portfolio season and as I gather our things I can better see where the holes are at. I can see what is and isn't working. This portfolio thing is like a check and balance and it is very convicting. But as I face it and take responsibility for my lack I am reminded of Shavuot and believe it or not I see an opportunity to start fresh. Both in my spiritual and literal walk as woman, wife, mom, an educator, a studying herbalist, and all that makes me Lady Lavender.

So take some time and think about this time of renewal, harvest, what is your harvest like (for real!!!!) I often tell my family we think higher of ourselves than we ought to. In other words some think they are fine and great!!! Okay that is good but were you born like that??? NOOOO. Did it happen automatically??? NOOO and regardless of what you might think others can see you pretty good!!!! So think realistically and humbly!!! And let us take good inventory. It is also a good time to go through the convenant (contract) the 613 I am so glad that RamBam put it together, that way it is easier to go through. You can print out the 613 here
So may HaShem bless you this Shavuot and may your life continue to be enriched and may your Torah learning be sweet.

Chag Sameach In Yeshua

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