Thursday, May 14, 2009

To Whom Shall We GO???With Corrections

(Description from FFOZ)

Examining Objections to Yeshua

We have ventured into new territories of the faith and now face questions that we had never considered and may not be prepared to answer. Intelligent questions posed by opponents of the Gospel can shake our faith and cause us to question the Messiahship of Yeshua.

This set contains all three volumes of the To Whom Shall We Go? Conference. You may also purchase the individual Volumes separately.

  • Vol 1 : Who Do You Say That I Am? Defending a Messianic Christology.
  • Vol 2 : As it is Written. How Reliable are the Apostolic Scriptures?
  • Vol 3 : My Brother's Keeper. The Battle to Defend a Messianic Judaism.

Here for the first time I am endorsing and highly recommending a ministry and it's materials. I have found (Although I already new about them and have used some of their materials) A ministry that is doing monumental work in Messianic Judaism they have my support and prayers. They are a diverse team of teachers each unique, but their main desire is to present the apostolic scriptures in their proper context. I have much respect for their work as they seek to honor Y-shua and glorify HaShem. In this audio to whom shall we go they address many subjects that are coming up in Messianic communities. With care and humility they have addressed these issues. I often find that there are many camps within the movement and each persons journey to be respected. FFOZ has done a stellar job in their materials. By not divorcing Y-shua or the apostolic writings from the context and culture of his day.

I have found at FFOZ a quality of materials that have sound "logical" teaching. They have a respect for those that have gone before, while still elevating our Rabbi and Master Y-shua. And this blog is a place where I want to share that journey humbly!!! I do not have essays or a thesis, there are already people better qualified through years of study and lives of practice. I am just beginning my studies and I know it is a journey. I just want to share our everyday journey as a disciple of Y-shua.

I hope you will share and leave comments about your journey so that we can share, it is a horrible thing with the internet and so many people one can feel lonely.

With Love In Y-shua,
Your sister

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