Monday, March 9, 2009

Okay, back from our short vacation.

So,we went so tubing for the first time! Yes, believe it. How it is possible, I can't tell you. But we had a great time. We did a little swimming, had mother and daughter time, father and son time. we sat in front of the fireplace and read. It was absolutely delightful. We did have sick moments and our tummy's were not well but we managed. It was all that I hoped for and it was refreshing. A little change always does the mind good. We had a ball snow tubing, it was great going down those hills, the speed was awesome. One of the things I just love about my family is that our vacation which is our timeshare was simple we did what we could with the economy being the way it is. And we were perfectly happy, who said you need to spend a whole bunch of money? We were refreshed and our week was to end sat. but we left friday. We equally love our home!!!!!

We are glad to be back!

Lady Lavender

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