Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abba, My cup overflows

The most beautiful thing in the world is when you are able to step back for a moment and give him who is worthy, PRAISE! The other day my LadyBug made a video and embellished it on her computer. The video was of herself, my son and my niece. The music was jazzy and beautiful but what struck my husband and I profoundly was the beauty of our family. See, in order for you to understand why this was monumental you have to know us and our past. We came from broken homes, the words stability and playfulness ended early in our childhood. As we watched our children and niece play we cried and I cried hard. The following dialogue took place;
"Baby look we have a home our children have a home." "Abba has granted us that in some small way our children have what our hearts desired to give them a home." We have come such a long way, we would have not made except that the KING OF THE UNIVERSE herd our cry and answered us.(No things did not get better over night we made strides and worked with the Kings strength.) We would have perished for sure. And for this my KING I give you Praise! While the journey is long and many test and trials shall and will come, HE will see us through. Have we done it perfectly? Of course not!!!!! what is perfect anyway!!! But each day I awake and some days are harder than others, but when I look around at what I have, at the beautiful husband that is my special treasure and everyday sick or not goes to work. It is because he is the MAN he is we have the luxuries of books till over flow, are hearts desires and his devotion. He lives his life for his family, he does it on purpose!!! That's my MAN. My babies that are growing and maturing into beautiful young adults each unique and wonderful. I am humbled that HE chose me to bless with these gifts. I just wanted to share this moment, I am sure you have had your own and they are the treasures that not even pictures do justice. They are the treasures of the heart.

Lady Lavender who is and will be eternally grateful to my KING!!!!

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