Thursday, March 19, 2009


In this society of image and standards and all that often misdirected stuff we need to learn to take the time to re-evaluate. This is on a personal level and family and so on. Why are we so afraid to stop and take the time to see where we are at and why. I see this most among my brethren it seems we are afraid to stop and look at things through His word. The whole thing not the parts that someone else said was valid but as a whole.

We are not perfect and yet still we are awesomely created with personalities and all. This has been my plight lately as I look at and evaluate the areas of my life, i.e. Daughter of the King, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend and etc. Why do we do what we do and dress, behave, not do. I think you get the gist. I want to live my life to bring Glory to the King. And when I look at his word and what he desires sweet obedience to his beautiful word that his children would walk according to his truth. Not that those things make us righteous, it's what you do when you are part of the family. You keep his feasts, His diet, His ways. Which are clearly written in his whole word no matter the sucky translation.

You are kind and compassionate not because it makes you look good or spiritual but because it is what your Father is like and this is what you have experienced in your relationship with him. Within these perimeters I have been examining my life and what we are as a family. I desire his presence sweetly in all that we do. I don't want the look of whatever, I want the substance of a life lived to bring Him glory and honor. And we usually don't start out this way which is why re-evaluation is needed! As you mature and life continues to move sometimes we can get lost in the shuffle and forget Our First Love. So if anything I hope you are encouraged and feel not so alone and are willing to stop and re-evaluate this gift of life you have been given. If something is not working throw it out!!!!!! Start fresh. If something needs tweeking or maybe more prayer and consideration than do so. I don't care if you are a pastor, preacher, evangelist, teacher, mom whatever.But STOP!!! And take time to dig deep before the Father in prayer and be real and let him heal and correct and show you the love. We need it!! All things are possible through him and funny enough no matter how scary the road may be he will never leave you nor forsake you.

What Matters?

It doesn't matter, your age
It doesn't matter, your intellect
It doesn't matter, your personality
It doesn't matter, that "they" will laugh, mock and or persecute you
It doesn't matter, that you won't be as popular and or look like you know IT!
It doesn't matter!
It matters that you Love G-d with ALL your heart, soul, and might and obey his commandments.
It matters that you learn to love his creation, beginning with YOU!
It matters that you live your life to please him and not the masses!
It matters that when you lay your head down it is His Shalom(peace and wholeness) that are your security blanket!
It matters that when those closest to you look into your eyes they see the Love of The Most High in you and feel it in your embrace.
These are some of the things that MATTER!!!!!!

With Love to you as a sister in Y-shua (Our Salvation) as you see often from ourselves! LOL

Lady Lavender

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