Monday, January 12, 2009

My Dearest Kitchen!

Oh blogger friends my kitchen has suffered neglect lately. I have been engaged otherwise and she has suffered. I am not the best cook but my kitchen is a part of me. Is it not to you. Truly only the Mistress of the house can give it the love it needs. But today I returned the eyes of my heart to her. She is the place where alot happens. The nurturing and health of my family. Do you realize that when you are out of sorts even your food can be affected? The way you set your table and how you feel about eating. I am determined to show my dining room table some love with decor, our table is large and I haven't quite found the right decor for it. But I think I am going to make it a conversation piece. I want it to be a beautiful place to eat everyday. I don't like special dishes but like to use what we have. I feel better now, I shall try to post what I accomplish. Pictures if I remember!

Show your kitchen some LOVE!

Lady Lavender

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