Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank You Charlotte Mason

Okay why am I thanking her. I am thanking this wonderful educator because she was the one who taught me that after my children have engaged in some heavy subject like math, that next they should do something lighter like art or handicrafts. Why do I say this? Because I am applying this to my own life. Some call it shallow or whatever, I see wisdom. Sometimes after researching and or grappling with something challenging, I find comfort in crocheting. After a discussion on an intense subject, I switch to talking about the garden. I don't find this insulting or demeaning. I believe Miss Mason hit gold on this concept. The mind must be relieved when loaded with meaty information. Part of Miss Mason's concept is that the mind should be distracted for a time to provide some space a breathing of sorts. Yes I love reading and studying and exploring the great unknown. But I don't feel a need to prove that I can take it like a man and be super intellectual!!!!! No, I don't. So here is to all you women who love to be scholars and also bake brownies. Who have a healthy respect toward time and energy. And for the superwoman. I can't do it all NOW!!!! I don't want to either.. So here is a vent and rant. I am sorry, I just find it exhausting thinking big thoughts all the time, at least for me. My most important mission is to live Torah and teach it to my children. To make a home where Torah is the foundation. To discuss fences in a good light and respect for those who have devoted their lives to studying the Holy Torah. To live to please H-Shem.
Anyways, these are my thoughts right now, there is so much to learn and study. There is so much I want to know and live.

Transparently Angelique(who doesn't want to waste time going in circles!!)

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