Monday, August 18, 2008

Internet writing and emails

Ahhh, I am sure I am not the first to say this nor the last. But we must be careful what we write and how we write it. Not an easy task with all this new blogging world and email era. I don't care how much this technology is great it could never replace human face to face relationships. We say it is easier to email than to write and or call. But that is dangerous, writing a letter makes you think before you write, speaking with someone allows you to see the facial expressions that also convey heart. Nothing can substitute a humans voice. So as we enjoy the wonderful web let's be mindful of what we write and what we are trying to say. I have come to the conclusions that some conversations should be solely done face to face. I have re-evaluated my understanding about such things. I hope you will too. So many people have been hurt and or misunderstood. All could be avoided by picking up a phone or going for coffee. And again we must use discernment when using the internet. I have procrastinate in beginning a blog because of this. I often write and delete because when I am done the writing doesn't seem to convey my heart. Interpretation can be subjective to a person's own experiences. Thus it makes a world of difference writing and face to face meetings. In days of old their where no such things, if women wanted to speak the canning season provided time as they worked together. If something needed to be discussed tea was a good referee. Ladies and gentlemen mind your writings!!!!! I pray that H-Shem would grant us wisdom in all our dealings. I am aware of it being difficult. I am the type of person who just likes to say it. I hope that first and foremost I live this myself and remember it my self.

Transparently Angelique

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