Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Imma's (mom) Parsha Portion Report

Va'etchanan (I pleaded)Deut.3:23-7:11

~ I am going to do a chapter by chapter type report.~

Our portion this week begins with Moshe (Moses) pleading with HaShem.
As I read this chapter 3:23-4:49 I am reminded that as a parent I must continually remind myself and my children of what we are doing!!!! If you will, tell the story of what G-d has done for the household of Israel and the arroyo family. Being children of the covenant, it is all about legacy. These daily labors of love for my home as an Akeret Habyit, is to build a generational legacy. I am thinking grand and great grand babies. In this chapter Moshe reminds the children of Israel of the covenant. Of the mighty things G-d has done for his people.We can't forget and we must never let the generations forget. Nothing can change who we are no matter how far we go. So Imma's don't loose heart in the everyday instructing of your children and the thousands of times they must be reminded. This chapter is a perfect example of why it is important to do so.
On another note this chapter contains a very mindful warning about idolatry!!!! As we raise our children we must also be mindful of making idols of the created and not the Creator. Are we careful enough? Idolatry doesn't quite look the same today. As one standing in front of a statue and such. But seems to be more subtle i.e. money, prestige, lifestyles and such. Teaching our children to give thanks to HaShem for all things is important and even so that we would emulate that in our lives. Living a life of thanksgiving for all that HaShem has done for us. So as you go on today remember the privilege you have as an Imma to raise Kingdom minded children and be part of creating a home where Shalom and thanksgiving go hand in hand.

To be continued!!!!

Ari & Manny's Imma

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