Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Refreshing that Homeschooling Vision

Okay Although I have technically not stopped school but have chosen to school all year round. Breaks will come surely without invitations. But every year I gather some books both new and hold to read. So hear, is some of what I am reading.

Homeschooling at the speed of life-by Marilyn Rockett- Excellent organizational refresher!!!! I love reading about it!!! Takes a while to process but get's my juices flowing.-Just started reading. Will post when finished.

Charlotte Masons Volumes- Can be a challenging read but so worth it. Reading vol.6.will post when done.

Precious Jewels-by Zelda B. Rosenthal- It was an excellent book, full of wonderful stories and examples of teaching our children the richness of the Torah and Judaism.
Already read!!!!


Zelda Rosenthal is one of those rare human beings who possesses a wonderful combination of attributes. She comes from a renowned family of great rabbis, she is a master teacher, she has an infectious love for children, she knows how to reach even that resentful child who hunches into a corner, she is a resourceful person who never lets adversity stand in her way, and she pours her wealth of good cheer into every situation.

In this charming narrative, Mrs. Rosenthal tells how she reluctantly became a teacher of very young children -- and became a star! She shares her enthusiastic way of telling stories and teaching songs, all of them overflowing with the spirit of Torah and love of Hashem. Children and parents in towns that were far, far from Torah Judaism adored her. She was a magnet drawing people young and old into her orbit of Torah life and turning suspicious parents into enthusiastic admirers.

What is it about this woman that makes people tell her she influenced their lives decades ago? Can we duplicate it with our own children? Our students? Our neighbors? Can we make people young and old aspire to learn what makes Torah great?

Have some others but need to go for now~~~~

Refreshingly Angelique

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