Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Walk On Holy Ground

 We journeyed on this shabbat. On this path we began surrounded by decay. But yet the scent of green, if there be such a thing. Permeated the air like a song heaven bound.
stepping up on solid ground, yes this must be the rigor of the journey.
The sun streams through

We are not alone in the woods,who lives in this in place, I will not disturb.

hmmm, look who grows

Debris left behind by man, sadness fills my heart. We must clean up messes we make, it can endanger others.

Here we end were liquid energy moves along, this tree a witness amidst many. Harboring nooks in which to sit, allowing me to engage in it. This is death and life, wakefulness and dormancy. Here on Holy ground I feed on life, I drink it in. Today, here I met G-d together with my family.

Grace And Space

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