Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthing........A Two Day Event

Here I am after having spent enough time recuperating. I had an eventful weekend. On one day I birthed forth my workshop, I stepped out, I did it afraid. I learned and I was elated through out the whole day. I met such sweet women at this year's YWCA Woman2Woman event. It was an honor and an awesome opportunity for me, also had the privilege to share it with my daughter and 2 other sista's. G-d willing I will do it again next year. The name of the Workshop was, Staying Focused During Difficult Times. In the workshop we would collage on a page to create our focus on the subject of our focus. I don't wanna give away to much as I want to offer this to others also. But we had a great time.The small take out box you see below was my gift to them.

I wasn't nervous, if you know me you know I do alright in crowds, lol. I learned some things that I would like to do next year or next workshop differently and that is what experience is all about. Opportunities to learn and grow. I am hoping to enjoy many more workshops to come.

Then when I arrived home ready to well, sleep and recuperate from a blessed day of interaction. I slept and awoke at around 11pm and received a call at 2am that one of my younger sisters had been hospitalized with pre-eclampsia and she was going to have her baby. So along with my lovely young daughter I took off for Philly to be my sisters doula. One of the most comforting things in the world was to know that I had via texting a local doula/Sista available to advise and pray. My beautiful daughter and I read a Psalm, sang. My goal was to welcome this baby with as much love and positive vibes as possible. It's a hospital,ugh!! Anyhoo,what an experience, I will share my thoughts on it another time. And trust me I have thoughts!

It is a great honor to be there for my little sis! A privilege to be trusted. Baby Aunyae Amarie was born at 1:45pm Monday afternoon. I cut the umbilical cord and was available as an advocate for my sissy and her baby and trust me it was needed. Here are some pics of me rubbing my sissy's belly, it brought her great comfort.

Sweet Aunyae was born in the presence of woman of her family. This was my daughters first birth experience. She did wonderful, took many pictures and video. I want to see the children in my family born in circles of women. Women of the family, born into song and Psalms. Born into a sacred space. And in the words of my beautiful doula back-up.

"She is going to hold her daughter soon, The Shechinah is there with you."

Yes, there in that room at the welcoming of this soul the Divine Feminine of HaShem was present. What a thought my eyes teared up.  Aunyae was welcomed by feminine presence that is all encompassing. 

This is how my weekend/week began. Birthing, both the vision in my soul and assisting in the birthing of another woman in the world. I am humbled and yet walked away with so much revelation and a new found area of advocacy. Where it will go I don't know but that will be for another post.


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