Friday, May 7, 2010

A Thought of Shalom for Shabbat

I am outside finishing up our lawn clean up! It is really comforting to see things cleaned up. But as always the garden has long been used as a metaphor for life. And so it is I contemplate my life, HaShem what needs weeding? What needs mowing? What needs to be built up and what needs to be torn down?
This year my beds are getting a make over, some have shown wear and some I just know instinctively that they need to done! Even though they look fine, years and experience has taught me that my plants need deeper beds. I feel it, they need the change! I have strawberries and they are in one of the boxes, I'm not sure it is a good idea to move them, they are just beginning to their fruit. I may have to leave that part of my box intact until a better time.
Isn't life like that? Re-read what I just wrote and I know HaShem will illuminate a couple of areas that are similar! I am not a baby gardener anymore, I am learning to be intuitive. I know more and understand better.
That understanding requires me to do things differently. That is just the season I am in! That is what comes with time.
So as you ponder this Shabbat and rest, think on these things. Be confident and know that with time comes experience. Trust is essential as is faith! There will be times of mowing, uprooting, demolishing and building up. But toward the middle of the summer when the tomatoes are sweet and the basil abundant and the flowers speaking beauty, know that is what all that beginning was for! Enjoy it and know that next year you will have more experience and you"ll be the wiser for it!
Shabbat love to you friends
Shalom Aleichum!

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