Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Honoring Vulneralbility

This morning it is quiet, and the birds are singing their song. It's beautiful!
My eyes are puffy from a day of crying. My heart is aching and no one can sooth it. I think to myself being vulnerable is becoming increasingly burdensome. When I was younger I always made a mental note that I didn't ever want to be a hard person. So much has hurt me but I knew that if I let it make me hard, I wouldn't have access to my own heart and wouldn't let anyone in. I didn't want that!! But now as a woman with scars and open wounds it is becoming difficult.

How do we maintain the ability to be vulnerable in the face of people who can't see it or honor it?
It's like giving pieces of yourself away! I can't always be stoic, I can't always be strong! And today, this day my heart is aching. My heart is broken! Once again I have chanced to pour my heart, my hurt, to only hear "It is in your head".

So I say to you my friends, let's honor each others vulnerabilities, let's take care to listen, to be tender. To be vulnerable with another can be terrifying. Don't dismiss it, if there is injury something had cause hurt.

So, I leave with this thought as I take myself to an appointment!

Hopefully later I can sit and open up and let my healer put balm on my wound!

With Love

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