Friday, April 30, 2010

A Thought Of Shalom For Shabbat

Shalom Sista's

I tried more times than I can count to get a podcast out using cellspin but I wasn't successful!! UGH

So I figured let me write it cause I wanted to spill this.

These past couple of weeks what has been on my heart is enoughness. I know that is not a word so I'll own it. Are you enough? When is it enough? As a life long learner I am always engaged in learning, always trying to improve, always trying to grow. But recently as I have been going through growing pains I realized I had no confidence, no enoughness, I had succumbed to quantity not quality! I operated from lack and not abundance. I am tired I have given those shoes in. I want abundance in my life and I want to live from abundance. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, those are such commom words now a days. But it's true, I am. Shabbat reminds me of this, in Shabbat we stop striving we rest, it is GOOD! It is ENOUGH! In this parsha portion Emor it talks about the priesthood and I could help to notice the list of what wasn't quality. That is the life I want to live inside out, quality not quantity. In everything from being a woman to a mother, wife, sister. I want the things in my home to speak of quality to us. Things that are important to us. I am determined and dedicated to live from abundance, from love. I don't want whats not good for me, I want quality and I will start by valuing myself. You can't give what you don't posses. So on this beautiful Shabbat, IT IS ENOUGH!! DAYENU!!!

I hope you have a great Shabbat!!!

I send you the love and abundance!!!

Train Song by Josh Garrels

Shame on you, shame on me
Lord he took all our shame and pain, and set men free
And I’ve got that fire on the mountain
Fire in my soul
It’s been a long time coming, long time
And ready to go
I’m stepping out the door
Doing what feels right
Following my Lord, through the darkest night
And when the path gets narrow
I’ll follow him
And when the world comes down, around
I’ll follow him
He said, sing it on the mountain
Or in the valley low
He’s my God, and he never let me go
He said, sing it on the mountain
Or fight in valley low
Every mans going to see, and everyone will know
That peace runs deep in him
I said peace runs deep in him
Peace runs deep in him.

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