Friday, April 9, 2010

A Thought Of Shalom For Shabbat

I was thinking this morning about the new green around me. To me it looks like lime green, the thought that followed it was, how indicative of life itself. Are you in a lime green place of new growth? Not where you used to be but yet not fully green and matured.

I just want to encourage you to rest in that place.
Take a deep breath.....
Sit, sit in that awkward place.
Don't be eager to move too fast....
You are transitioning and transitions take time. Just like adjusting for time zones, your body, mind,emotions are still adjusting.
Give yourself time to adjust to where you are at.
There is nothing wrong with being lime green! The newness of it is often the beauty. So as you enjoy this spring of birth and newness, embrace where you are at. Relish that HE has brought you all this way.

Stop and pause!!

You are not where you used to be and you are on your way.
This evening when the sun sets, a different time will begin and in there REST is the objective and reflection on both the bounty and the want of the week......slips away.
And grace and space for this moment will be your gift.

I send you Shabbat love.............



  1. Love this mom! SO good- it is a new and appropriate concept!

  2. I love reading your heart.



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