Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I have been playing around!!

Okay so, this is what I have been playing with.... I dyed some coffee filters in my favorite colors, I love that blue. I did this for another project but decided to make enough so I can use in any project. I like the texture that the coffee filter takes once I glue it down. I also like how thin it is, it allows for layers. I just took a bin put a little water squirted ink and bam!!!! Dip the coffee filter in and get the color I want. I also did strips of paper which you see in the last pics. This is the journal I am doing for T.A.M.G. I am not done yet, I wrote on a white coffee filter and cut it up for the journal. I am trying to keep most of my writing in one place so I won't be using this journal, but I will definitely save it for a gift to someone who needs to free their words.

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