Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seeking G-d

Shabbat Shalom,

I don't usually blog on Shabbat but I have something on my mind this afternoon. I was reading a short article titled "Seeking G-d" it was just a reminder to seek his face. But the thought that crossed my mind  is how do we determine what that looks like for another person? We live in a society and time in which everyone seems to have a good idea of what that looks like i.e praying on your knees, praying for hours, meditating etc. I grew up that you sought G-d by praying everyday, usually on your knees and if you where there hours well, you must be a very spiritual person. Fasting was also a staple of the walk, again the more the better.

"Seeking HaShem" is a very individual and personal thing but when people often want to talk about it or encourage people to do so they have a picture already set what that should be. "Seeking G-d" gives us a picture of looking for him. David sought HaShem, David looked for G-d in his life, circumstances in all that he saw and lived. Looking at it like that changes for me the classic pray, pray, pray. What if it is singing to you or Torah study to another yet.
My purpose in sharing this thought is to break space into the "Seeking G-d " idea and free us up to find him in the everyday. That may just be when you are sitting on your porch rocking and the sun touches your face, it is the gentlest caress but there is something in it  and you know you felt him. Or how about when you put on the one song and all your hairs stand up and that longing in the pit of your stomach reaches new heights, there is G-d. I would challenge us to pursue finding G-d everyday. Imagine if we lived our days looking for him, for that moment when we feel him in the most gentlest ways or when it feels like something set a blaze full of passion.

Are you stuck with "Seeking G-d" in only one way, or some way that has been taught and you have been chasing this ideal all your life? It is time to step back and re-evaluate, have you found him in that? Is it not that we want to feel HaShem near? Whether it is in us or around us, we are longing for him to be more present. I am always amazed when people take things from the Torah and either make them so unattainable or say "It's easy" "I don't know what you mean ?" . "Seeking G-d" is a life pursuit that looks different at each stage for each person. Let's stop using those words as spiritual lingo to make it sound deep. And let's rejoice when we share with one another how we have found G-d in our lives. Let's say a Baruch HaShem when a sister shares that she was spending some time meditating in her garden when the smell of mint slowly flows her way and she realizes how Echad HaShem is with all things.

My "Seeking G-d" takes so many forms now and looks so different from day to day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

May your Shabbat be sweet.

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  1. Joy on your journey! May you also find ways to serve Him as you seek Him.
    Blessings, Kim


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