Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Family Picture-The 12 Project

So let me tell you a little bout this family pic thing. The lovely Tara Whitney  is having this 12 month project in which you take a pic of your fam. and tell a little bout your lovely fam. I didn't get a chance last month but did it this month and with HaShem's help the rest of the year. I am doing more for me than anything else. It is cool to take family pics over time.

So here we are in the park. We have been taking to walking and exploring the hiking trails in our lovely local park. We have been enjoying the weather immensely. We have all been a little busy in our own ways. It's almost as if the sun has energized us all into busy activity. It's funny because at one point or another you'll catch us sort of sun bathing. It will seem like we are staring at something in the sky, but no, we are taking in the sun.


  1. what a beautiful family you your

  2. Sweet photos of your family. And yes, ENJOY the sun... it's a gift to us from above (pun not intended).
    Blessings, Kim

  3. What a great family pic; What a great idea, nothing like being out in nature and sharing the experience with those you love!

  4. Love it! Will you send me one sis?


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