Monday, March 22, 2010

And unto the next generation

Today I accompanied my daughter on a engagement shoot, we had a blast. She is beyond a wonderful photographer she is the best daughter, really. When I looked at these pics which I took with my phone I couldn't help but to feel proud. Proud that she has found something she loves, a passion. It is my hope and prayer to raise passionate people. Passionate about HaShem, his word, life all around. And this young lady has definitely made passion her own! It has been such an experience watching her grow and become the young lady she is, she will always make me proud because she loves her King. All that she does is in worship to Him.

The shoot was fabulous and the young couple hilarious, we laughed a lot. The shoot took place at the Marriot in the city which I might say is a fabulously made building. Inside it has metal, wood, concrete, I really enjoyed getting a look at it. Although it was cloudy they had this fabulous wall of window that let in a beautiful light. It was a great experience and one for the young photographers portfolio.


  1. This is so great!
    You're a rad mama!!

    Love to you sister!

    Ps. What is your email one more time? I am ready to start our email/pen-pal ship fun!!

    G-d BlesS!!

  2. Shalom Girlie,

    My email is I look forward to our sharing.


  3. How wonderful you are, a suportive Mom! I am happy for your daughter and you to have this type of support!
    It is amazing~


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