Monday, February 22, 2010


So I have been creating lately. It was a great boost having one of my baby sisters around I 'll post on that soon. I have made some pieces and pendants that I love. Although I do have a terrible grip. Let me share my pics first then I'll spill.

Okay so here are the pendants. I absolutely love them and plan to make many more. The fact that I can wear how ever many I want agrees with me. lol.The 2 blue ones on the left in the last row are super personal. The first one has my baby's name and mine with the words to our favorite song. And also on the back. The second blue one has my buddies names (my kiddos) and on the back it says my treasures.
The first one Family has written on the back love binds us together so does crazy. Hope, back says confident expectation. Wild, back says Mind. I believe, back says I choose.

This second picture is a collage piece I have been working on for a while. The light in my art space is crappy right now. So sorry not the best. But it is definitely how I feel. The words in heart shape are HOPE.

This last one I made with my sister, she worked on her piece I worked on mine. I so dig the colors and I love black. I need to figure out how I am going to hand these they are definitely special.

Okay no to my gripe. I have started my year with the idea that I was going to do more visual art journaling. Good right? No, first it turned out to be alot because of my crappy mood. Then I do morning pages as per recommended in The Artist Way. So I was doing my morning pages in a spiral notebook happily because I can fill 3 pages. I decided that I would put my morning pages in my visual journal. Not the greatest idea because you need space to write right? Well then I discovered online something called a Lifejournal for writer's  and I am in love. I can type faster than I can write, like I said in love. I have the demo right now and can't imagine doing my morning typing with out it. It has so many features it will blow your mind. But what has happened I want to use my visual art journal but can't seem to figure out how? I hate having everything everywhere. I love the typing but am also afraid. So there is my dilema. I don't know what to do. What has become important is my writing. So getting as much down as I can is super important. I am such a paper and pen girl, really I am. But there is a part of me that is a bit techie. I love my secretary (blackberry) but secretly I miss writing stuff down. Uhhh, this has been an ongoing internal subject for me. At times I am contently oblivious and at others it's a crisis!!! Consistency is not my bf. But fine I shall see what I will do. If you have any suggestions I am OPEN. really.

Anyway look forward to your comments. I hope. suggestions anyone?????

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  1. Hi, I also am doing the morning pages. One day I wrote it down, but yesterday ideas were flowing and I type faster than i I did
    my typing in Word. I totally hear where you are coming from. Can you type stuff and print it out, leave spaces so you could paint, journal more?!
    This is what I am considering doing...everywhere, i turn lately I am frustrated. There has been too many sick days, delays, and the unexpected lately. I don't have my own space/studio most of my stuff is draped on the table. I had to clean it up, 4 times last week, people coming over for dinner, etc.

    Keep at it and try a couple of things to see what works for you!
    I'm going to check out your new find! Thanks!


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