Thursday, December 31, 2009

One of my intentions for 2010

So this is my moleskine that I just jacked up for this year, although we generally go with Rosh HaShanah the hebrew new year I had a late start. My desire is to have a journal for every month a place to both do visual art journalling and daily stuff! I use my morning pages for a truth journalling so I have my say there.

Here I am putting some pictures of my journal my pages are painted and the spine is pink duct tape which my husband bought me. I wrote on the cover an excerpt from an excellent book I just finished called "Womanly Dominion" by Mark Chanski. I highly recommend this book and will do a review of it soon.

As I ponder on all that HaShem has done this year and all that he has taught me, I am amazed and blessed. He is faithful.

So may he bless you abundantly and cause his face to shine on us as we turn our faces toward him!

Shalom Angelique
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