Thursday, December 17, 2009

I could count

I could count my love how many sorries,
I could see a common thread in all the stories,
I keep the roses dried all over the place because they testify,
Not to a perfected love or a story of simplicity,
The petals are like tears of victories over the years,
Of battles hard and long,
Of dismantling lies we tell ourselves,
Often believing the worst of each other,
Or sometimes nothing at all!
I made a list to remind myself of things easily forgotten,
The tenderness shared between you and me,
The things not uttered out loud ,
Things dreamed of in the clouds,
Our love Baby sores beyond the arguments about health food,groceries.
And sometimes even what channel the TV is on.
You and I are a team and you and I are a story,
Of how G-D changes us from glory to glory.

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  1. I've tagged you! Go to my blog for details! Hope you participate.



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