Sunday, November 8, 2009

Walk with Me

Will you walk with,
Will you take a stroll
With me,
Can we speak the words of our mystery,
Let us discover the world together,
Let us ask questions and be okay if our answer differs,
Let us walk with HIM the lover of our souls,
Let us remember that to him we are accountable,
Let us get beneath the layers,
The shoulda,coulda,
The things we think we need to be,
Let's get down to you and me!
Can you breath? Do you feel free? Can you feel the breeze on your cheek?
My love, My love are you awake?
My love , My love, come follow me,
Let us regain, that which was stolen from us in our childhood!
You find you and I will find me,
Together we will give ourselves the gift of each other in our entirety.


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