Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harvest Trickle, LOL

As I am working on my Atc's for a year of color I am taking a break to post about my small harvest. I am excited that
we pulled up our garlic and they are now drying. We do have some peppers growing and almost ready to pick. Our zucchini has dwindled and come to it's end at least that is what I think. Now our cherry tomatoes are another story I can't seem to stop munching when I go outside and right there staring at me are the ripest things I have ever seen, ahhhh. So I through aside all restraint and bump into one ant then yes and then I savor every last bite. I have even rolled it in a basil leaf, can I tell you delicious right from the garden. I know if we eat before it gets in there will not be any to make a salad. But I can't resist.
I have to say that the sun is not cooperating as the sky has been sad.
And that my friends doesn't make my Roma tomatoes happy at all. But I will trust that the sun will come out to play soon, it definitely creates a deep appreciation for the rising and shinning of the sun each day. What would our food be with out it? Oh to live without a vibrant day!!! Thank you HaShem!!! For you are good to us and your mercies everlasting.

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