Thursday, May 7, 2009

Regrouping and it feels lovely!!!

I must confess I find myself filled with glee. We have had I can safely say a week of rain and today was a peek and reminder of what is to come. I am so thankful for health, having been a road to recovery from the gall bladder removal surgery. HaShem created this body and it is wonderful and aw inspiring when it is functioning correctly. Sometimes we even take it for granted! As I work on getting my digestive system in order, I can't help but to give thanks for health. On that note last night I made my project list oh boy it is long. There are many things I need to catch up with. It is at these times I look at my" sometimes lonely "planner that goes unattended for long periods and dust it off with excitement. I am earger to get my days in order.

One of the first things I did was get the stuff into my calender, I like to make note of things. Then comes my daily and trying to get things going in there. I am the type of person whether I like it or not that needs a list and should check it off. Yes, I said should not that I do all the time. Thus making me not as effective as I would like to be. But I find lately that with my schedule filling up and my desire to make the best of my time. I will be hitting the metal to the pedal or the pedal to the metal which ever it is. LOL I want HaShem to be honored in what I do and especially my time. It is time to overcome scheduling phobias or complaints and give it my best.

Happenings At Lavender House
  • Have a scoop of compost to spread in the garden- With the rain it took a long time.
  • Already began some seedlings- They are ready for the garden.
  • Re-arranged my dinning room and kitchen- I am a movaholic! each season I like to re-arrange stuff. So I put my table in my kitchen area and created a sitting room again where my dinning room used to be. ( There wasn't anywhere to sit and read) My living room is in the basement and I officially call it the dungeon and where the males of my home gather to play video games.
  • Finally put up my curtains for pesach so my kitchen/dinning room is further to where I envision it to be.
  • Took time yesterday to harvest some newly discovered Lamb's Quarter in my lawn and some plantain, lemon balm which I intend on making full use of this summer!Also realized we have chickweed but haven't harvested it yet.
  • Beginning to prepare for evaluations and I am getting into my community herbalist studies. Which I might say I LOOOVVVEEE!!!!!
Tommorrow Landis Valley Musuem is having an Herb Faire which I will be attending, I love Herbs both growing them and using. So I am excited about this. I shall try to report.

So I am signing off now and will try to post more often. It is a goal. B"H" I will achieve a greater flow. I do love sharing with others. And my hope is always that Lavender House would be a place you can come and say I am not alone!!!! The time we are on this earth is precious and it is a sad thing that we would feel alone.

With Affection Lady Lavender

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