Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay can I say whirlwind? I am at a week after my gall bladder removal surgery. What can I say, I didn't know I had gall stones. But I woke up last Sunday with what I call a gas attack or so I thought. That turned into vomiting, excruciating pain and a run to the ER. As an ever learning student of the "Herbal of Natural world" I am glad for common sense. I knew something was wrong. And do it turned out my gall bladder was full I mean full of stones. It was sad. But I have been on the mend, a painful mend but better than other cases I have heard.

But I must thank HaShem for the wonderful family and friends he has given me. I am truly blessed! My dear daughter has nursed me at home while daddy works. She is truly my right hand girl she managed the home with the help of dad and brother. My sister and my sister in law I am grateful. I met wonderful people at the hospital and also busy people. I really just laid there respecting my body who I was unaware that was congested. Everyone tried to make sure that I would take it easy. But I reassured them no worries. I want my body to heal, I respect it and value the gift the Abba has given me.

And so on that note I came home and have been resting. Some nights it is hard to sleep because I have air trapped in my rib area. Oh man that hurts so bad and is very uncomfortable. And now I am aware of nessecary diet changes as fat will no longer be digested the same way again. It seems that my body wants to be respected and nutured with the right foods. By no means is that an easy thing and this I know. Diet changes in our home have come slow and not without challenge. But it will prevail and we will make the changes needful so that all organs can function to their maximum potential.

So I shall post again soon my friends as I have much to show and share. The weather is hot and my seeds are growing and anyway I will share again soon.

Lady Lavender!!!! Who is on the mend!

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