Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Woman's Influence Myth or Truth

I want to write now before I lose my train of thought. Tonight my husband was sharing about some of the things he has learned during our marriage. I almost cried a couple of times!! But what I want to say in this post is not a myth but our testimony. If you ever wonder excluding exceptions whether or not a woman can influence a man the answer is YES! Often I have thought at least in the past that those where romantic notions to say the least. But I exhort you sisters you have the power to influence and love your men to change. Not the nagging type or the what you want him to be. But you have the power to influence the man you sleep next to at night, to reach his greatest potential. This influence is a mixture of tough and unconditional love, if I can say it like that. I use these modern words because they describe the strength a woman must have to persevere until the sun comes up. When you love somebody you don't condone the thing they are doing that is hurting them or others. And it's unconditional because you stick around to see them through it. You have the power which the Almighty has given you as a woman to inspire your husband, children and those around you to greatness. To reach higher and step out further.For my husband and I it has not been easy. But LOVE, yes but LOVE, has seen us to this place. We almost gave up and let go, BUT LOVE. We have not done it perfectly, I have not done it perfectly but LOVE. The LOVE from above, the LOVE between us wanted to see the sun come up. It took prayer, faith in Abba and in each other to see us through. Now don't get any romantic pictures of us praying together and finishing each others sentences. More like tears and supplication and not knowing what to do anymore. And then watching the tables turn and his tears and supplications. Does Abba answer? Yes, he does. Did we wake up one day and it all went away NO. We had to work and still work at it. But when you here my husband speak of the things that influenced him and spoke to him at the time I was not aware of. I did not know that the things that I was doing gave him hope when he was down. That they helped him see himself in a different light. Do you and your children make your Husband want to be all he can be? Did you know that part of the type of person you are whether you are spunky or quiet was intended to bless the man you are with. Are you using your influence for good or evil? This you must ask yourself everyday. The influence you have and the things you do or say today affect tomorrow. A wise woman can build or destroy. And from having been on both sides, the fruit of building and believing have far out numbered foolish selfishness. So is it myth or truth? I must tell you truth, I live it and have experienced it. YOU WOMAN HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT, TO INFLUENCE UNTO GREATNESS YOUR HUSBAND.

How do we go about it?

Pray- Repent and clean your own plate first.
Believe- That all things are possible
practice what you preach- If you believe in Family and the Oneness of Marriage then serve them with love, show them that they are a priority. Your actions speak louder than words. Think on that the next time another man is receiving your admiration and respect. And the one that is yours longs to get you to look at him like that.
love-Love, without condition not expecting anything in return that is Love. It is a GIFT.
And be yourself and bless those around you with rays of love- No you don't have be like Susie, but neither should you continue to cultivate a nasty demeanor or attitude.It takes 21 days to form a habit, start day 1 of being kind and smiling at your family more.

I hope this blesses you it is a piece of an awesome fairytale. If you need encouragement and sometimes think all hope is gone feel free to email or drop a comment and we can talk.

Transparently Angelique

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  1. Amen and Amen!!!

    You WILL be praying together and finishing each others sentances before you even realize it!!

    Abba is a die-hard romantic, it is His will for us! HalleluYAH!

    Much Love, ~p


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