Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just some thoughts

I am going to once again attempt to write in this blog!!! It's seems I haven't overcome my fears about it. But here we go.

I am sitting here 12 am looking at inspiring websites. You know the ones that get your juices flowing on just about every subject in your life. As I look and contemplate writing in my journal I can't help but to desire to express myself more fully in my zone. Are we or am I fully at peace with who H-Shem created me to be?
Or are we or me still trying to be the image in our head? Look around your home it is an indicator of who you are. No not the mess, but the decor,the feel of your home.
Lately I feel H-Shem calling me to dig deeper, think deeply. And allow who he made me to be to shine forth. Not all the images of what I think I should look like(you know what I'm talking about!) I wish my story was different and I was absolutely sure of myself and who I am so to speak! But I feel like I just woke up not so long ago from a long sleep. And just discovering that I was sleeping. As everything in my life is shifting and changing the more I discover how unique and unique G-d made me. And those around me. I am Torah-Observant and love learning and growing and am learning that"this to is for the BEST". We must allow ourselves the room and grace to be and stop apologizing for it. We all have a purpose and mission and must follow accordingly to what your here for. As mothers it is great to have all these aspirations to be......great homemaker,cook,seamstress,wife,mother. But we must do these things within the skin H-Shem gave us. Bringing the essence of the Almighty into every fiber of our life. So I pray with H-Shem's help we would let his light illuminate all that we do to the best of what we can.

Transparently Angelique

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