Saturday, May 31, 2008

"End of the Year"

As I sit here pondering on the portfolio I need to put together for homeschooling year of 2007-2008. I have never been fond of trying to impress someone else, not my style.As I put it together I realized that our children go through the year plowing away at what is set before them. Shall we make these portfolio's so that they can see and enjoy what this year has taught them. All they have learned and experienced! I guess this is revolutionary to me due to not being a frilly person. I like scrapbooking and crafts and such. so I am purposed to put together a portfolio for the kids. I will send my evaluator a no frills one. But I will pull out the stops for them so that they can see all the blessings of H-Shem.
We school all year round taking breaks as needed. How often do we get to see the everyday things captured and pointed out. So I will try to post the pictures if I can figure it out on my blog. Have you done this and would you share?

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